Haymaker Boxing ‘Vintage’ 14oz Boxing Gloves



The latest from American brand Haymaker Boxing, these gloves offer the quality and protection of the leading names in the industry, at a more affordable price. As a result, these gloves make for an excellent choice for all levels, from beginners all the way up to professional fighters. The gloves are gel moulded, with multiple layers of foam padding, and are made with genuine leather in a shaded brown colour which gives them that classic ‘vintage’ finish. The gloves are lace up and can therefore be secured tighter than a short strap Velcro boxing glove, thus offering superior support for the wrist. Given the professional specification to which these gloves are made, it can also be assured that the foam padding is of a high quality, so as to protect the users hands during sparring or fighting. The thumb position is well designed, so as to allow the users hand position to be comfortable and natural, and the overall glove itself is very flexible, making it a good choice for all combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and for training MMA stand up. Overall these gloves are an incredible versatile product, no matter which combat sport, goal or level these gloves are suitable for everyone.

  • Gel moulded
  • Multiple layers of padding
  • Genuine leather in a ‘vintage’ brown finish
  • Laced for extra wrist support
  • Good thumb position
  • Made to a professional specification
  • Good quality padding to protect the users’ hands
  • Versatile: can be using for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai or mma stand up
  • Suitable for all levels, from beginners and those who train for fitness up to professional fighters


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