High Guard Athletics (LTD) First Strike (FS2) Gloves are carefully hand crafted to shape the perfect fit for explosive and intense sparring, mitt work, heavy bag and overall general training. We have used Soft Foam Palm Padding to provide all round protection to palm, wrist and of course heavily dense high-quality Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) Padding around knuckles and thumb to protect the bread and butter. We located Ventilation Holes for Moist and Comfort which is intended to keep the hand cool and relaxed whist training. Designed for extreme impact and Fist-to-Face contact these FS2 gloves have been shielded with Shock Observant (PU) Mould Padding that absorbs vibration and reduces pressure on wrists the harder you train. Properly secured and protected, we have used 3-inch Extra Wide Velcro resulting a firm fit aligning the fist and wrist perfectly for the perfect punch every time. Extreme Hook and Loop Durable Velcro Strap have also been added for further support making these the perfect gloves for all round use. Finally finished with a beautiful Stylish Glossy Double Tone PU Leather coat for class and elegance.

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12oz, 16oz


Silver, Blue, Red


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